Air Travel

The Eastern Cape is served by most of the domestic scheduled airlines in South Africa through the main hubs of Port Elizabeth and East London although those visitors wishing to travel to the mountains of the North Eastern Cape may wish to use Bloemfontein as an alternative. 

These airports have regular landings from these airlines.  An Air Charter service can arrange placements of all types and models of aircraft, for short or long term durations and with all inclusive services.  This can generally be made available anytime.  Air Charter gives you complete control over your travel plans through the flexibility of being able to make your own schedule.  Most of the smaller towns in the province as well as the resorts along the Wild Coast have airstrips and areodromes which can be serviced by small charter and point to point airlines.

Airline Tickets

You can go to any of the travel agencies in the Eastern Cape and book an airline ticket to fly where you need to go. 

Some of the main travel agencies are Rennies Travel, American Express Travel, Connex Travel, Flight Centre, Harvey World Travel, jet Travel, Sure Travel, Pentravel and Seeker’s Travel Centre. 

You can also go and buy your tickets at the airports in the province, namely East London Airport, Port Elizabeth Airport, Umtata and Bulembu.

Bus Travel

There are several inter-city bus services that have daily schedules between all of the main centers.  The most popular bus services are Greyhound, Translux and City-to-City.  Baz Bus has been specifically developed for budget travelers and backpackers and offers affordable prices for the backpacking enthusiast.

To buy a bus ticket in the Eastern Cape you can just go to any of the bus companies and purchase your ticket there. 

Car Rental

You can experience the beauty of the Eastern Cape in many varieties of rented vehicles from a wide variety of car hire companies.  The companies offer excellent service and are very accommodating.  They offer competitive prices, large ranges of vehicles, chauffeur driven cars and 24 hour service. 

You can hire vehicles from most of the Cape’s beautiful towns like East London, Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown, Umtata, the Wild Coast, Queenstown, Kokstad and more. 

We have an excellent network of roads that link us, the Eastern Cape, to every major point in the country.  A few minor roads are gravel but they are generally in good condition.  The roads of the Eastern Cape are very well maintained.  The general speed limits are usually 120 km/h on an open freeway, 80 km/h on an urban freeway and 60 km/h in built up areas.  Driving is on the left side of the road and foreign drivers are required to have an international driver’s license.

Fueling Vehicles

Eastern Cape Petrol Stations (also known as garages) accepts cash or South African Garage Cards as payment. 

Unlike Europe, they do not accept general Credit Cards overall.  However one or two petrol companies are introducing the concept of accepting specific Credit Cards but this is not yet sufficiently widespread to assist international tourists. 

Please ensure that you have sufficient cash to fill up at a petrol station when traveling long distances. 

South African petrol stations are not self service and there are petrol attendants that are there to assist, unlike overseas stations.  The petrol assistants will fill your car with unleaded 95 or leaded 97 fuels, clean your windscreens, check your oil and water and your tyre pressure.  Various petrol station companies like SASOL, Caltex, Total, Shell and Excel exist in south Africa and are all available in the Eastern Cape.


Minibus taxis in the Eastern Cape are generally used as the main transportation for the local rural community; and tourists do not use this form of transport because of fixed routes.  Cabs charge per kilometer.  You are able to find cabs outside most attraction places and big hotels.  The most general way to get a cab is to phone for one and you can get cab’s telephone numbers at information centers in the specific town / city you are in or in the telephone directly.  Shared cabs, which are also known as minibus cabs are also an efficient way to travel as it will be cheaper because more people are traveling.

Vehicle Breakdown

In the case of a breakdown, the Eastern Cape does have the option of town and rescue.  The general towing services will be provided to you by the agent you are hiring the vehicle from.

Rescue services include helicopter surf rescue, helicopter land rescue and the South African Police Department.

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Apple Express Leon Hugo Photography
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Tractor Leon Hugo Photography

Did You Know?

The first mail order business started in Port Elizabeth in 1910.

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